About Brusnytsia Medical Resort

Brusnytsia Medical Resort is a balneological resort in Ukraine. Since 1967, more than 100,000 patients have been treated with musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, female reproductive problems (especially infertility and inflammation), nervous system disorders and cardiovascular diseases. All the medical treatments are based on natural methods with the use of Saki mineral mud, hydrogen sulfide baths, mineral drinking water and the like. The therapeutic effect was achieved in 94,8% of cases and these are some of the best results in Ukraine. A characteristic feature of Brusnytsia Medical Resort is that it has its own deposit of healing mineral waters with a composition that is analogous to the Matsesta springs and the Essentuki-4 mineral water.

New buildings

The Brusnytsi Medical Resort can have up to 200 people for treatment. On the well-groomed territory of the Chernivtsi health resort, that sits on 8 hectares of land, there are the living quarters with all the amenities, a medical center and also a canteen. There is also a parking lot for those patients who come by car.


Brusnytsia Medical Resort provides their guests with a well-balanced three course meal in both of their canteens. The meals are home-cooked.

Mineral water

The health treatments at Brusnytsia Medical Resort are based on the use of two types of the Brusnytska mineral waters. The first type is a high concentration hydrogen sulfide mineral water – the Bukovynska Matsesta (hydrogen sulfide concentration is 265-300mg/l), which has a number of advantages over the Matsesta in Sochi. The second type of the Brusnytska mineral water is the hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium mineral water which is similar to the Essentuki-4 mineral water.


1A Bukovynska street, Kalnivtsi village, Chernivtsi region, Ukraine, 59317

Working hours

24 hours a day

Seven days a week