Brusnytsia Medical Resort

The medical resort is located in the Carpathian foothills in the forest park area of the Brusnytsia village, just 32 kilometres from Chernivtsi. This is one of the most picturesque part of Bukovyna. Alongside the village flows the river Cheremosh. The freshness of nature and clean air, the mountain views, the old park with its broadleaved and conifer trees, and the moderate climate in combination with the unique methods of the medical treatments help to quicken the recovery of one’s health.

Our services

Hydrogen sulfide baths

The main procedure is the hydrogen sulfide bath treatment. The best groundwater in Ukraine is found here. It comes from a big underground pool created by nature which has the horizontal distance of about 300 metres. The hydrogen sulfide is of high quality and has good healing benefits.


Underwater spine traction

The underwater procedure of spine traction is a popular way of treatment and prevention of spine disorders. The procedure is done in untreated water taken from the mineral springs. The use of warm water decreases muscle spasms and improves blood circulation which widens intervertebral foramina.

Conifer baths

Улюблена процедура наших відпочиваючих. Незамінний засіб для людей, які страждають на хвороби серцево-судинної системи, дихальної та нервової систем. ⁣

Swimming pool

Swimming is a beneficial type of physical activity for your health. You can tone your body in our swimming pool.



This type of massage is general. It won’t relieve you from serious problems, but it can help in preventing them. It reduces fatigue, energises, improves the lymphatic drainage and reduces swelling. The procedure is painless and comfortable and as a bonus you get smooth skin and a slim, contoured body.



This is a treatment method of combined simultaneous exposure to the human body where with the help of the Radius-01FT device an electrical current is sent out to enhance the action of the medication.

Charcot shower

Pressure jet treatments activate blood and lymph circulation, while the contrast of temperatures tones. Depending on the temperature the tone of the skeletal muscles is gradually increased or decreased. This treatment also improves the hypophyseal portal system and the endocrine processes.


Movement is life! There is a gym for physical therapy. A comprehensive approach is the key to a successful treatment! The loading dose of physical activity tones your muscular apparatus, improves blood circulation, the lymph drainage and your mood, so you can enjoy your day!


Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a relatively new way of treatment. This treatment involves the use of ozone gas which is created from air by a special device. Ozone therapy may be used for a variety of conditions, from enhancing the local immunity (cosmetology) to loosening up back muscles (hernia treatment).

Vacuum roller massage

Apparatus body correction

Therapeutic massage

First the muscles are warmed, loosened up and then the trigger points are kneaded, i.e., the areas of muscles, tendons and connective tissues where there is excessive tension.


Healthy eating

The combination of eating health and doing regular physical exercises reduces the risk of chronic diseases and disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Ultra-high frequency therapy (UHF therapy)

This is an apparatus method of using electromagnetic fields of ultra-high frequency which are intended for local therapeutic effects.


Magnetic therapy

The use of an alternating magnetic field is an additional method of therapy and prevention.



The electrical stimulation of the skin is done by the Darsonval device. This procedure is beneficial for people with different skin diseases, it improves blood circulation and activates the protective and regenerative properties of the skin. Due to the ozone formed between the electrode and the skin, a pronounced bactericidal effect is observed.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy provides a deep penetration of medication into tissue through problematic areas of the skin.


Ozokerite treatment

Ozokerite treatment is a type of heat treatment. It has three main active factors: thermal, mechanical and chemical. It provides an analgesic effect, improves blood circulation in the given area, stimulates regenerative processes, strengthens the local immunity, and improves the flexibility and elasticity of skin.


Diadynamic therapy

This is an amplipulse therapy which uses certain parameters of electric current at the frequency of 50-100 Hz. Due to the constant low-frequency current, the analgesic, antiphlogistic and anti-edematous effect quickly occurs.

Rising shower

This is an exotic type of therapeutic hydromassage which is designed for the intimate areas of the body (crotch shower). Its purpose is to treat the pelvic organs. It is recommended for the prevention of impotence and prostatitis.


Amplipulse therapy

This therapy carries out a therapeutic effect with the help of modulated sinusoidal currents of sound frequency.


Circular shower

The circular shower has a general strengthening effect. It improves the emotional state, relieves irritability and regulates sleep. Therefore, it is recommended for fatigue, stress, depression, chronic fatigue and vegetative-vascular dystonia in the early stages.


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